Banzai People R2R
Welcome to Banzai People, a specialist recruitment to recruitment agency. Specialising in recruitment 2 recruitment means our company is able to offer positions in recruitment, throughout the UK.
Recruitment consultant jobs, Recruiter jobs, Rec to Rec, R2R, Recruit to Recruit.
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Our approach is simple:

We Listen – You have a lot to say. Moving jobs is not an easy decision for anyone and your reasons can be complicated. We encourage you to talk, take your time, the more information you give us, the easier you make our job and the better the outcome.


We Consult – We will put together a tailored service based around your aspirations, motivations, reasons for moving, career objectives and cultural expectations. We will ask you to keep an open mind but we will not push you towards interviews with agencies that are not of interest. We are pro-active but not pushy!


We are discrete – Upon starting to work together we can agree the best way to communicate and your employer will only learn of your intention to leave when you are ready to tell them.

Our approach is successful:

We are available – We know you work crazy hours recruitment is not for the faint hearted. Our working hours are structured so that we are available when you can speak freely. Evenings and weekends are fine.


We really care about getting you the RIGHT job not just Any job! I take real pride in the fact that the majority of our placements are still in situ and happy. Moving jobs is stressful so just do it the once! The fact we make good placements means that our clients listen to our opinion on you and we can get you the interviews that others cant.


We are professional and ethical – We will NEVER mailshot your CV or talk to a client about you without your permission.


We get you the best deal – We are skilled negotiators and our service includes a unique analysis on your current commission scheme and the scheme you are moving for.

Our Skills

We are well connected – 15 years and counting means that we really know our marketplace and can offer valuable market knowledge. The best agencies, the duds, the best commission schemes, the ones with a revolving door, the one where you will belong!

Going the extra mile
Recruitment know-how
``We are honest - What we know, you know.``