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On the move

Looking for a new role.

Looking for a new role as a recruiter can be confusing and at times overwhelming. The recruitment marketplace is seriously candidate short and as a result, there are SO MANY options out there! (You will know this from the sheer number of Linkedin messages that you are receiving!) And they all SOUND so amazing almost as if recruiters know how to sell a job.


How do you know the genuinely good ones and the ones that will not live up to the hype? How do you know if these agencies will suit your career aspirations, desired culture and financial goals or if the Manager is a crazed monster and all the staff leave after a few months?


It is vitally important to your CV and to your career that you make the right decision when choosing your next agency. Here are some tips to ensure that when you decide on a new role you approach the market in the best way.


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Choose your R2R carefully.

Referrals are ideal but if you dont know anyone who has moved recently, you can also learn a lot from a good Linkedin Profile with lots of recommendations. An experienced and well connected R2R can help you navigate the available options to you and provide you informed advice on the best opportunities out there. Obviously if you are reading this, look no further.


360 Role? Choose One R2R.


This enables us to provide a truly consultative process where you are matched with only suitable agencies. We can spend the time making a targeted and proactive approach to market choosing not just the agencies that we already work with, but we can use our market knowledge to match your profile and career aspirations to ideal agencies.

This approach also ensures you do not double up on applications to agencies or get overrun with badly matched interviews. It also means your job hunt is less likely to get back to your current employer if you work with 1 discrete R2R.


**If you are looking for delivery or a Senior role as these are less common you viagra generique avis will need to work with a few R2Rs but still, choose carefully.

Need Advice?


Put us on speed dial for the duration of your job hunt! The interviewing process can be a very intense few weeks and it’s vital to have support during this time. We enjoy the intensity of relationship that you form with a candidate when they are moving jobs and miss it a little when we place the candidate.


With our approach of regular contact we have made some long and lasting relationships with our candidates. Use us as a sounding board – we are GENUINELY INTERESTED long after your Partner / Mum / Dog have lost the will to listen! Make sure and tell us EVERYTHING that you can about your reasons for moving, what you are looking for in a new role and other interview activity you may have engaged in so we can represent you most effectively with the clients you are interested in.


A perfect Recruiter / R2R relationship is founded on mutual respect and honesty you cant shock us! Having worked in IT recruitment for a long time, we are officially un-shockable!

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Write a CV.

This sounds so obvious but more and more placements are being made on the back of a Linkedin profile. We have worked with a few candidates who have been placed in previous roles without writing a CV and as such, didnt see why they should now. It is easy to feel in demand in a candidate short market such as recruitment but new employers still want to see that you have made an effort and are committed to moving.


A good CV should include information that isnt available on Linkedin profiles such as billing figures, academic achievements and older employment history which is of interest to a prospective new employer.


Vitally it is also an excellent example of your written communication. With more and more client communication taking place via email, a future employer needs re-assurance that you know your there from your at her and where to put a full stop!

CV Help

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Interview with 3-4 carefully selected agencies.

If you were buying a house would you only view one? I know it can be very difficult to find the time to interview when working in a busy recruitment role, but time invested now will pay off in the longer term when you have afforded the right amount of time to the process (and are hence not leaving the next role within a few months.)


Work with your R2R to create a target list that you are happy with and if possible take a few days off work to devote time to the process. If not, most agencies are happy to interview out of hours so take advantage of 8am and 6.30pm appointments for your 1st stage interviews.


If you follow all these steps it will help you make sense of a busy marketplace and enjoy a seamless process in which client, candidate and recruiter all feel good about your placement. Surely that’s the ideal way to start a new job? (Well, thats the theory anyway this IS recruitment .:))

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